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TIM offers publishers a variety of powerful tools to maximize publisher’s revenue and yield, increase eCPM and minimize inefficiencies. We do this by offering innovative tech solutions, granular data and a dedicated team that place the publisher in the center.

Case study (Disqus):

We’ve been working with TIM Media for over a year now. In this relatively short period of time we managed to increase our revenues from video advertising by over 50% and open new revenue streams in what turned to be our most successful year so far.

Identifying the challenges and presenting a solution

What stood out for us from the first contact with TIM was their ability to tap into our most challenging activity, video advertising. With their experience in this field we were able to bring video advertising to a new level and set it as a new standard across our publisher network by offering them access to premium advertisers and cutting-edge technology.


Innovation as a key component for success

Our main focus is to stay ahead of the curve and offer our clients a well-rounded solution that combines technology and monetization. We were able to achieve this working closely with the guys at TIM going back to the drawing board many times to come up with innovative solutions.

The complete package

Today our partnership includes Video and Display campaigns that run across our entire publisher network and we’re planning on launching additional campaigns throughout the year. We see TIM Media is a key partner for the success of our business in the years to come.