Tim’s products

When a user sees a relevant ad presented as relevant content
a small moment of magic is created

If it’s not a Win-Win-Win solution, it’s not a win at all. Our innovative video solutions are designed to deliver value to all the players in the online ecosystem - the publisher, the advertiser and last but not least, the user.


A full stack online video platform (OVP)

A customized video player delivering premium, brand-safe video content, enriching user experience while connecting content, brands, and media, on one sophisticated platform.

Why should you care?

  • Instant access to high quality, segmented and current video content
  • Tap into our network of top tier, high paying advertisers
  • Increase time on site through content matching
  • Drive higher CPMs through improved viewability with a scroller companion player

*Compatible with desktop and mobile

Hybrid player

Our unique, non-intrusive, in-read ad unit

For both video and display ads, will only open when there’s a relevant ad to present

Why should you care?

  • Minimizing Interference with user experience – only relevant ads are displayed
  • Maximizing viewability – ads are only displayed when the ad placment is visible on the page
  • Increasing Revenues – The ability to shift between display and video generates more ad opportunities

*Compatible with desktop and mobile

Header bidder

Our Prebid-based header bidding technology

Allows buyers to compete for your inventory and maximize your yield, granting you full control over every impression sold.

Why should you care?

  • One Auction – allowing all potential advertisers to compete simultaneously
  • Highest CPM – simultaneous bidding drives highest CPM
  • Standalone Solution – Compatible with all players